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Unified Communications solutions designed, manufactured, and supported for your unique business needs.

Unified Communications

Teo seamlessly integrates presence, instant messaging, voice, video, mobility, and collaboration tools in a singular suite. Communicate with greater ease, achieve optimal operational efficiency, and accomplish more in less time.

Experience Matters

With decades of telecommunications experience, our US based specialists make sure things are deployed right the first time. Drawing on their vast pool of expertise allows for rapid resolution of any outstanding issues that may occur.

IP Phone 9102

The Teo 9102 is a powerful 2-line desk phone, designed for practical and affordable office communications. It offers advanced Teo UC feature access, full duplex audio speakerphone, remote provisioning, and stationlevel paging. The 9102 is the ideal low cost endpoint for general office use and common areas.

IP Phone 9104

The Teo 9104 is an intuitive, feature-rich 4-line desk phone, designed for today’s modern workforce. It supports GigE network connectivity and has a full duplex audio speakerphone. The 9104 also provides advanced Teo UC feature access, remote provisioning, desi-less key labeling, and stationlevel paging, making it the ideal endpoint for modern office professionals or managers.

IP Phone 9160

The Teo IP Phone 9160 is an HD video and audio desk phone with a large touchscreen interface and gigabit Ethernet connection. It is ideal for communications technology power users. The phone runs on Android OS and can support many Android applications.

TSG-6 IP Phone

Now you can use advanced VoIP technology in TSG-6 on-hook secure applications. Certified by the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS), Teo TSG-6 on-hook secure IP phones are available for deployment in SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) and SAPF (Special Access Program Facility) secure areas. Teo TSG-6 IP phones are designed to work with all VoIP platforms that support industry-standard SIP protocol.

Our team of experts in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia are dedicated to providing tailored communication solutions that will keep your business connected and efficient. From VoIP to data services, trust Excel Communications for all your telecommunications needs. Contact us today to learn more!


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