Discover the future of communications with iPECS apps and add-ons

Lead the way in communications with a full suite of cutting-edge apps for all business sizes. From Unified Communications (UC) platforms to specialized tools to boost productivity, find all you need to connect your team and your customers.


Connect your world

Build the business communications system you can’t live without. Enjoy compatibility with a comprehensive range of Ericsson-LG Enterprise communications applications, so you can tailor your setup to your sector, your needs and your customers.

Excel in customer experience

Enhance communications with customers and colleagues. Use dynamic monitoring and analytics to respond to customer needs. Manage call routing easily with auto-attendant. Collaborate better with colleagues using UC tools. Whatever the process, the right tools make it easier.

Boost productivity

Make communications efficient with a suite of tools that promote smart workflow and enhance efficiency. Whether it’s call-routing, collaboration or time-saving solutions, pick the apps you need to simplify everyday processes.

Product Information


Revolutionize your business with Unified Communications (UC)

iPECS UCS is a productivity-boosting app that consolidates all communications into a single system accessible from anywhere. Enable true enterprise mobility. Enhance collaboration to make workflow seamless. The world is ever more connected and ever more mobile. Empower your business to keep pace. UC is the future of business communications.

  • Integrated presence
  • Instant messaging, SMS and Note
  • Voice and video calling
  • Voice and video conferencing
  • Single and multi log-in by user license
  • Click-to-call
  • Call control
  • Visual voicemail with intuitive UI
  • MS Outlook synchronization
  • MS Exchange Server integration
  • Organization chart
  • Supports multiple call servers
  • Client virtualization
  • Active Directory-based single sign-on
  • CRM integration


Enterprise-grade Unified Communications

Transform your business with the on-premise Unified Communications (UC) solution. Connect better than ever by integrating all business communications into one place. Collaborate at the click of a button. Simply connect to your iPECS UCM business phone system and make communications more efficient than ever.

iPECS Clickcall

Make dialing as simple as possible

Make dialing simpler with an easy-to-use click-to-call application. No need to copy and paste, just click and select a number on your PC to quickly place a call.
  • Call control client
  • Easy installation
  • No dedicated server required
  • Supports outgoing calls
  • Dialed call log
  • Multilanguage support

iPECS Attendant

The perfect communication app for receptionists

Manage calls and more with the Windows-based app that supports receptionists. Integrate phones with other systems with a tool that enhances service and efficiency. Perfect for hospitality or any SMB or enterprise phone system and compatible with all iPECS communication platforms.
  • Phone book and directory search
  • Caller information displaying incoming call types including internal, external and recall.
  • Wait time and priority-based call handling
  • Call park, paging and e-mail for multi-purpose call handling
  • Night service or emergency mode
  • Manual trunk selection for urgent outgoing calls
  • Easy conference setup
  • Call recording
  • Presence monitoring for all devices including phones and clients


Secure, easy call recording for all size businesses

Enhance customer service with ease, using web browser-based call recording that integrates seamlessly with iPECS communications platforms. Empower yourself to analyze and improve the way you communicate with customers. Trust in a tool that stores calls securely while enabling unsurpassed ease of use.
  • Real-time monitoring and recording
  • Single server for all terminals
  • Remote call recording
  • Search and play from database
  • Distributed recording
  • Quick-read statistics display
  • Conference recording
  • High availability
  • Data encryption


Powerful call quality management

Easily monitor and manage the health of your VoIP network to ensure consistent high-quality voice traffic. View essential network data in an easy-to-understand graphical user interface. Powerful problem tracking and prevention tools make life easy for network operators and admins.
  • No switch port mirroring
  • Problem tracking and prevention
  • MOS, Talk Delay, Packet Loss, Jitter statistics
  • Easy user management
  • Uses IETF standard (RTCP-XR [RFC 3611],
  • SIP RTCP Summary Report [RFC6035])
  • eNMS integration
  • Historical reporting


The intelligent call analytics tool that helps you strive for perfection

Gain valuable insights into your customer interactions with call statistics management. Build productivity into your everyday with a best-in-class customizable reporting, analytics and resource management application.
  • Statistics on extension and trunk utilization
  • Wallboard and dashboard for real-time monitoring
  • Call trace details
  • Customizable reports with detailed statistics


Advanced operation management tool

Maximize network efficiency and make uptime the norm with an on-premise network management system. Set auto-alerts or access via quick view to assess all critical network information. Diagnose problems rapidly to minimize downtime and stay connected and reachable.
  • Multiple iPECS UCMs can be monitored
  • Server grouping: easy to manage large number of servers
  • Network traffic data monitoring
  • Trunk information monitoring: outgoing and incoming route group
  • Disk partition data: detailed monitoring of disk usage
  • Terminal status: busy, idle, disconnect, no answer, hardware, fail
  • Subscriber group information
  • System configuration view: LCM status, TDM G/W status
  • Local SMS interworking for quick notification: S/W modification needed for each carrier


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