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Online video platform for business meetings and video-enabled presentations.

Our Difference

With HostMyVideo, any attendees, from PC/MAC and iOS/Android devices, can present their content, show their webcams, control, and annotate the presenting content concurrently, file transfer and talk via computers or telephones. No matter how you connect, a high level of security and privacy is provided.

HD Video

  • Support up to 100 HD webcams
  • Support up to 8 monitors for telepresence display
  • Four different display formats
  • Switch back and forth between desktop sharing and HD video conferencing
  • HD video on iOS and Android devices
  • Switch the spotlight webcam

Desktop Sharing

  • Specific application sharing
  • Stop or pause sharing
  • Privacy protection
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Change presenter
  • Give control of mouse and keyboard
  • White board
  • Stream desktop video to attendees


HostMyVideo comes with three types of meetings to give your organization solutions with video enabled communications supported on most devices used today. With quick and easy installation, users can start hosting a meeting and invite others to join as attendees with a few simple steps.

Interactive Meetings

Present and share desktops, files and other applications. See each other face-to-face and collaborate in real-time.

HD Video Conferences

Host one-to-many live meetings including keynotes, webinars, workshops, and lectures.

Remote Viewing

Perfect for customers with field personnel. Use the HD video camera on your mobile device to see exactly what your field users are seeing. Now you can talk, annotate, and interact via video feed.

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