Say goodbye to traditional faxing.

89% of small to medium-sized organizations use fax.

Streamline your business faxing.

HostMyFax is a a streamlined solution for modern faxing needs, allowing you to send and receive faxes directly from your devices, eliminating the need for traditional fax machines and associated inconveniences.



Send and receive faxes directly from your work computer. Gone are the days of printing your documents and driving to the office to use the shared fax machine.

Remote Accessibility

Fax ‘on the go’ via tablet devices and smart phones for flexibility that traditional faxing cannot match.


Eliminate traditional fax machine headaches, like paper jams, running out of paper, machine in use, or manual resending,


HostMyFax does not require the use of a TELCO fax line and there are no local or domestic Long Distance charges for outgoing faxes.


Internet faxing provides secure faxing within your workspace, contrasting with traditional office faxing, where machines and their output are accessible to multiple individuals.

Environmentally Friendly

Email faxing eliminates paper, ink, and physical materials, offering a resource-friendly faxing method that’s beneficial for both the planet and your wallet.


Digitally store all the faxes that were sent and received, saving time, effort, and resources.

Traditional Faxing

Used with a traditional fax machine, you can securely send a fax while receiving multiple faxes at the same time.

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