Fast and effective communication with customers.

96% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes.

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Streamline Communications.

Easy-to-use text messaging system

Can be added to your current business numbers and managed by assigned employees. Offers powerful features and useful tools for users and administrators.

No dedicated staff required

Live chat and phone calls require you to have someone on staff to immediately handle inquiries – SMS doesn’t. With SMS, anyone can respond to customers at anytime.

Automatic messages

Out of office? Use our SMS dashboard to quickly and easily set up an automatic reply to go out to anyone who texts your SMS line while you’re away.

Personalized interactions

Anyone who messages your SMS number is automatically added to your contact list and all conversations are stored. This way, you’ll always know who you’re texting with and what they’ve messaged you in the past.

Basic Features

Enhanced Contact List

Importing, multiple lists, multiple numbers per contact


Allows recipients to STOP and START messaging to them

Message Forward

Allows assigned numbers to be forwarded to another text enabled number


Allows users to block incoming numbers that are found to be unwanted

HIPAA compliance

Has HIPAA level Security compliance*

* Medical practices should consult their legal team for the use of SMS and compliance with HIPAA laws.

Audible Notification Control

New audible message notification

Immediate Email Notification

Sends an email when a new message arrives

Message Delivery Status

Provides user delivery status on all sent messages

Group Message Naming

Adds custom name to group messages

Unlimited Users

Per phone number and at no additional cost.

Pro Features

Website Widget

Timely assistance via mobile-friendly text messaging instead of chat.

Voice Initiated Messaging (VIM)

Initiate a text conversation instead of being placed on-hold or having to leave a voicemail message.

Permission Management

Text safely with customers and manage all opt-in permissions being granted via website widget, VIM, keyword opt-ins, or manual entry.


Integrate into your existing tech systems.

Bulk Message Scheduling

Schedule bulk messages to be sent at a future date and time.

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