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Excel offers services and end-to-end solutions for all your telecommunications needs.
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System Design And Consulting

At Excel Communications, our top priority is to fully grasp the essence of your business and specific needs, enabling us to meticulously create a customized system that not only aligns with your current requirements but also evolves and adapts seamlessly as your business expands and thrives.

Telecommunications Technology

Excel Communications is your trusted partner in staying ahead in the fast-evolving world of telecommunications technology, providing seamless solutions that keep you ahead of the curve effortlessly. With our expert guidance, you can navigate the complexities of the industry with ease, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience every step of the way. Partner with Excel Communications and let us lead you to success in this dynamic landscape.

Unified Communications Design And Installation

Want to hold a video conference from your hotel room, answer your office phone from home or access voicemail from your computer? By consolidating all your services onto a standard data network, Excel can integrate your desktop handsets, voice mail, fax, e-mail, instant messaging, conferencing, laptops and mobile devices, and make them easier to manage.

We’ll show you how unifying your communications can improve employee collaboration, productivity and customer service, and reduce IT operating costs.

Remote Connectivity Implementation

Take advantage of the huge savings that telecommuting can provide to your organization. Excel connects your remote workforce easily and affordably, whether they are down the street or across the globe. We’ll extend your network securely so employees can access network drives and operate within your company’s phone system.

Companies that institute a telework program see a decrease in absenteeism and employee turnover, and a boost in productivity morale and company loyalty.

Converged Technology

Wish your phone and computer could talk to each other? Take advantage of converged technology and maximize your voice, data and internet investments.

By combining voice, data, and video networks, we can save you money on upgrades and changes, reduce network management costs, reduce local access and long distance charges, and lower overall costs required to utilize the latest technology in your work place.

Voice / Data Cabling

Many installation companies cut corners, don’t test the new cables correctly, and fail to correctly dress cable bundles, leaving your voice/ data or LAN room an unsightly and hazardous mess.
When you work with Excel, our trained technicians install voice / data wiring and fiber optics in accordance with industry standards, utilizing wire management, a cable tray, or similar method for cable installation.

Service & Maintenance

Once products are installed, we can move, add, change or update existing equipment. Our technicians are fully certified in all products we sell. We can also provide ongoing service for any equipment we install, ask us about our support plans.

Complimentary Communications Cost Analysis

We’re all about saving our customer money while improving efficiencies and increasing functionality. First, we review your current phone, data and internet billing statements and review existing services and hardware. Then we put together a solution for all your current needs including unified communications, web conferencing, conference calling and remote office connections. You’ll see exactly where you can save money, and how long it will take before you see a return on your investment.

Excel works with all the major carriers so we’re familiar with their packages, pricing and coverage areas. We can usually lower your monthly bill by as much as half; deliver twice the bandwidth that you currently receive and increase flexibility using newer technology.

The best part? This comprehensive analysis is free to Excel customers. Many customers just keep paying their phone and internet bills for years – without batting an eye. Most businesses have a separate data T1 for internet connectivity and a PRI or POTS lines for their telephone system. By combining the two onto a single circuit, Excel delivers enhanced internet and phone service that costs less. Once we demonstrate how much better the new, less costly technology performs, customers scratch their heads, wondering why they haven’t made the switch sooner.

Even if you don’t end up working with us, we’d like to show you what this service can do for your ‘bottom line’.

Our team of experts in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia are dedicated to providing tailored communication solutions that will keep your business connected and efficient. From VoIP to data services, trust Excel Communications for all your telecommunications needs. Contact us today to learn more!


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