Better serve your customers with HostMy.

HostMy is a hosted communications services company built on customer care.

HostMy understands the detrimental impact poor communication, service and support can have on your business. Our expert consultants and dedicated U.S.-based support team are committed to serving you so that you can better serve your customers and grow your business.

HostyMy will help you avoid:

Low engagement
Poor customer sentiment
Lost revenue
Higher costs

Simplify operations.

Better communicate with customers, streamline operations and fulfill your mission without having to worry about your communications technology.

HostMy will help you:

  • Better manage your resources
  • Save time
  • Grow your business


A company built on customer care.

HostMy gives companies direct access to best-in-class customer service, communications technology and expert consulting.

With over 70 years providing business telephone systems, HostMy is one of the most experienced voice providers in the industry.

Work With HostMy

Step 1

Discuss your specific needs with us.

Step 2

Let us help you streamline your communications.

Step 3

Enjoy improved engagement with your customers.

Real Results

One water department recently reduced service disconnects from 500 to 30 per month, saving the department $200K per year.