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Zultys Helps Businesses Profit Through Unified Communications

Zultys delivers the most compelling feature-rich Enterprise-class IP PBX telephone  system in its class today.  Our award-winning platform allows businesses to easily deploy a complete voice and Unified Communications solutions without the complexity or cost of the other  brands. Zultys  connects all of your offices and teams together into a seamless network, so whether you have one office or multiple locations your employees can work together as a single integrated team to boost productivity and the quality of service provided to your customers.

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Zultys IP PBXs support Mac, Windows 32 or 64 Bit or Linux users and integrate features such as soft-phone, Find me-Follow me, Presence, Secure Chat, Tele-worker support, Inbound Contact Center, IVR, ACD, Call Recording, Fax Origination – Termination, Cell Phone Twinning and much more.

  • Early leader in SIP Open Standards.
  • Feature rich, highly efficient IP PBXs that provide full Unified Communications solutions for less energy than a household light bulb.
  • Support for legacy systems and provides a bridge to IP Telephony and Unified Communications.
  • Growing roster of partnerships to remove obstacles to deployment and facilitate best in class end-to end solutions.
  • Deployments supporting over one hundred thousand endpoints worldwide
“The Zultys MX250 is the cream of the crop, it’s easy to set up and administer and is chock full of features you can use!”
David C. Meier                     Business              Communications    Review

Helping Companies Every Day

Zultys solutions are helping thousands of companies meet  their customer’s needs every day, from small “mom & pop”  companies to international companies and organizations.  Excel Communications combined with Zultys have successfully deployed Zultys’ MX 250/30 VoIP communications systems throughout the Virginia, Maryland and D.C. area for the past 3 years with plenty of references provided upon request!