Unified Communications for Businesses

Zultys IP PBX: The Nerve Center of Your Office’s Communications- Section 5


The Company

Located in Sunnyvale, ZULTYS started in 2001, much earlier on than many of today’s VoIP Providers, and while some started with VOICE and later on added data, and others started with data and later on added Voice, ZULTYS started with BOTH! Our facility incorporates nothing short of a state of the art Network Room for testing, an advanced Acoustic Lab and a Test Lab designed to replicate our client’s environments, just in case trouble shooting is required. Our Engineering, R&D, Shipping and administrative office as well as US Support is all located in our office in Sunnyvale. Our resellers have direct access to our own Engineers and our own developers. We do not outsource our technical support, and help is available at no charge for our worldwide authorized resellers. ZULTYS is small enough to offer personal service, and large enough to offer world class capabilities and support.

Scalability and Product array
Our Products can scale to 10,000 users in a distributed Topology of N+1 allowing no single point of failure anywhere on the LAN or WAN.

Major Accounts Adoptability
Accounts like AllState, National Banks, Sir Speedy, SonicWall, Timex are but a very small sample of hundreds of major accounts where our products are installed in.

Trust the Experts/Awards:
In the past 8 years, ZULTYS has amassed dozens of awards internationally including our latest, the 2008 Unified Communications PRODUCT OF THE YEAR award !

Standards Based:
ZULTYS has been using SIP Standards since day 1. From our trunking, to our platform to our phones, SIP is our model and to date, every major telephony vendor has made the decision to GO to SIP or is already there. We have been there for 8 years and since we have been doing it for nearly a decade, feel that we are well ahead of the competition in the product development cycle. This has also allowed us to interoperate with 3rd party appliances, software and hardware. We are an OPEN STANDARDS platform, not open source!

High Availability features:

  • Power Failover: AC to Battery Failover with syslog reporting when coupled with our optional BPS-12
  • CO Failover: If the MX250 fails, we fail your first 2 lines to the 2 built-in FX/S Ports.
  • Drive Failover: Should 1 drive fail, the optional redundant RAID drive takes over automatically
  • Fan Failover: The MX250 has 2 fans in box. Should 1 fan fail the other is enough to cool the system
  • Clock Failover: Internal battery for real time clock
  • T1/PRI Failover: Redirect the PRI to the live MX250 automatically with our Optional XRS-12
  • LAN Failover: Dual LAN Ports built-in
  • Unit Failover: Clusters for redundancy

A World Class distribution and channel
Our products are now available, sold, distributed and supported with a world class level of Resellers, distributors and branch offices located throughout the Globe.

Thin, Integrated and Multi-Platform CTI:
Our Software works with MAC OSX, Windows 7 (already tested and certified by ZULTYS), Vista 64, Vista 32, XP and Linux workstations. Unlike our competitors, we do not need to run 3 or 4 unassociated software programs to perform the functionality that is integrated. 1 thin multiplatform CTI (called Media Exchange Interface for End Users or MXIE) is all you need to run all of our features.

Secure, Converged Voice, Data Platform:
Finally, our secure ruggedized Linux platform includes an optional Software Firewall that can block ports and defend against most malware attacks. You cannot ssh into our box, FTP into it, or conduct a denial of service attack. Unlike our competition, we do not use WINDOWS at the core of our product, (No Patch Tuesday’s). One MX appliance is all you need to converge Voice, Data, and Video. Session Border Control (Port Mapping) is even STANDARD now on our platform, allowing you to place our MX Platform BEHIND corporate firewalls, while still enabling Tele-workers worldwide, WITHOUT the use of complicated and expensive VPNs.