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Zultys IP PBX: The Nerve Center of Your Office’s Communications- Section 4

September 25, 2013 Business Phone Systems 0 comments


Zultys IP PBX

Features & Functionality:

The MX Platform of ZULTYS packs HUNDREDS of features. Many of them not found on most competitor’s platform.

  • Call Controller
  • Voice Mail
  • Unified Messaging
  • Fax Server
  • ACD (Inbound Call Center)
  • Soft Phone
  • Call Detail Reporting
  • Call Record
  • Tele-worker Support
  • Presence
  • Find me Follow Me
  • Chat & Instant Message
  • Cell Phone Twinning
  • Advanced CTI
  • Conferencing
  • SIP, T1, PRI, Analog Trunk without requiring Gateways
  • NAT/SIP Traversal
  • Make ANY phone an extension
  • Remote Phones do NOT require VPN
  • Firewall

ALL IN 1 Concept:

Unlike most of our competitors, we do not require a server, or multiple Window servers to perform our functionality. Our MX Platform is integrated, efficient, fast, and self contained in one 2U rack mountable appliance that is ready to configure as soon as you un-box it.

Interoperability with 3rd Party

We have Engineered our MX platform with standards for convergence and with ability to connect to third party vendors, and are adding alliances weekly. From ITSPs to SIP Software Vendors that add feature, functionality, and extends the product’s usefulness and integration with other software and Hardware.

Green Statement:

Even our LOGO is Green! Our MX is incredibly power efficient. The AC power requirements for the basic MX250 system and various combinations of plug-in modules are shown in the Table below. Add up the values according to the configuration. The ac power requirements apply whenever the mains power is on.

Basic System with 1 Hard Drive

Optional secondary Hard Drive

Each Optional FX/O Card
Each Optional FX/S Card

Each Off Hook FX/S Circuit, add 1W

A maximally loaded system configured with two hard disks and three FXS plug-ins with 26 FXS circuits off-hook requires approximately 82W. Since we also do not require external servers, we are more efficient than ONE 100W Light bulb!!!!!, yet it can power 250 Users!