Unified Communications for Businesses

Zultys IP PBX: The Nerve Center of Your Office’s Communications- Section 2


Unified Communications in the IP PBX World

Unified Communications (UC) , when used appropriately, is an amazing tool and boost to ANY business of ANY size today. In today’s world, if technology can’t MAKE you money or SAVE you money, then it is hardly worth the implementation. UC does both. For example, gone are the days where you have to have a separate cable for your phone and one for your PC. IP phone systems leverage existing data cabling and thus cut cost of cabling in HALF. ZULTYS (www.ZULTYS.com) is such a splendid example of UC , where this energy efficient (less than 1 light bulb) 2U rackable appliance incorporates a Fax Server, Find me Follow me, Visual Voice Mail, Call Recording, Cell Phone Twinning, Voice Mail to Email, Synchronization with Microsoft Exchange, Secure Chat and IM, Call Accounting, Presence, Text to Speech, work from anywhere and make ANY phone an extension of your phone system, and over 200 other embedded features, all managed from one thin (less than 30Kb) client software called MXIE (Media Xchange Interface for End Users) that runs on 64 or 32 Bit Windows 7, Vista, XP, MAC OSX as well as Linux. Unlike the competition, ZULTYS does NOT require external inefficient servers, or gateways . Unified Communications represents true value to any business and connects everyone in the enterprise, regardless of time or location.